Case Files

Teaching Cases


Why is the Case Files - Teaching Cases unique?
The Case Files - Teaching Cases provides premier case content with the goal of fostering applied learning through exposure to clinical cases.
How do faculty get access?
Faculty can access a limited preview of cases by clicking on Free Instructor Preview. If your institution has subscription to Case Files: Teaching Cases, please contact your administrator for access.
How do I set up my class(s)?
If you are a faculty in an institution, you should ask your institutional administrator to create classes for you. Once classes have been designed, you can add students to the class using the import students template.
How do I access my classes?
You can use the class navigation dropdown from the application header to switch between classes.
How do I make changes to my student roster once I’ve enrolled them?
If you are a faculty in an institution, you can request your institutional administrator for student roster changes.
Do I have to share cases with students?
Yes, you must share the cases with the class by clicking on “Share -> Share Now” from your current class dashboard. You must switch class using the class dropdown to share the case with other class students. Only shared cases will be available in your student's dashboard.
How does the present mode work?
Present mode is used to present the case questions to a group or class using the projector or different screen. Faculty can navigate to different questions from their computer screen to control the present screen navigation.
What happens after I share a case with my students?
Only shared cases will be available for students; they will be able to view the case and respond to questions.
How do I turn content on and off?
Faculty can decide on what content should be available for their students by click on Share / Shared link - turning visibility On/Off from the share popup, before sharing the case. Alternatively, the same can be achieved at each question level from the “Case Questions” tab.
How do students get access?
Students must be a member of an active class to get access to Case Files: Teaching Cases. Instructors or institutional admins can add students to a faculty class.
What types of student performance data is available?
For all student quiz assignments - total marks, performance percentage and completion percentage are available.
What if I forget my username and password?
Please use "I forgot my password" link on the sign-in page to reset your password. We will send you a link to reset your password. You can click on the link to create a new password.